At Gold Mind we celebrate and promote acceptance of neurodiversity. When the environment is right neurodivergent people can flow in their strengths and be assertive when it comes to their needs and challenges. The environment is mainly the people around the neurodivergent person, the teachers, the coaches, the leaders and managers. Our mission is to help you be the best environment for your neurodivergent Gold Minds.

For some of us neurodiversity is a new concept. We are here to help you keep ahead of the curve and get the best out of people. 

We offer the following training:



Managing and Leading for Gold

Developing your understanding about neurodivergent thinking and processing will revolutionise your effectiveness when working with neurodivergent students, clients, and employees.

Neurodivergent people are ‘outside the box’ creative thinkers, innovators, dreamers. With the numerous challenges of the 21st century, the world needs these types of people more than ever before.